Adopt A Guide Dog

[Breaking news… the latest puppies to sponsor are… Judy, Niko and Derek!]

Adopting a guide dog can be very quick, easy and rewarding.

Would you like to make a difference to the life of a blind person, but you’re not sure how to do it? If so then you could do a lot worse than sponsoring a guide dog during the long process of training. It takes almost 24 months of training and a small fortune in expenses in order to be able to fully train a guide dog puppy. Therefore, by choosing to sponsor one, you’ll be doing a great service to the more than 10,000 blind people in the UK currently without a guide dog!

Some people consider “adopting” a guide dog to look after one when it retires from active duty, but other people use the term “adoption” to mean helping pay for the training of a guide dog puppy and effectively adopting it as their own.

Anyone can adopt a puppy by providing their personal details and spending 5 pounds a month by direct debit, or as much as they can afford to give. All of your money will go to be spent on training the puppy you choose, so you can be sure it’s money well spent.

Your puppy sponsorship will be a truly worthwhile experience, as you’ll be able to receive regular ‘pupdates’ on the progress he/she is making with training, as well as photos every few months so you can see how your puppy grows! Another advantage of joining the puppy sponsorship scheme is that you’ll receive a special gift pack for your puppy that includes a puppy photo card, a photo album, a certificate, a calendar and a window sticker so you can show the world what you are doing.

You won’t be able to meet your puppy though, as that is simply not possible due to the intensiveness of the puppy’s training and the concentration required. Don’t despair though, as the regular updates on your puppy’s progress will keep you informed. The training period and your sponsorship will continue for 2 years, and by the time that it is over, no doubt you’ll be very attached to your puppy, which is why we’ll inform you about the new home your adopted puppy is going to be sent to and the person he/she will help. Feel great about yourself and do a really good service to someone in need, as your puppy will give a blind person the freedom and independence they crave.

A non-profit making venture, Sponsor a Puppy is part of the well known Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. They have been helping to train guide dogs for many, many years and continue to do a great service for people with visual impairments. If you want to help sponsor a guide dog puppy, follow this link for more information. It is possible to make regular monthly donations, or if you think you cannot do that then why not just make a one off contribution? It’s possible to pay by direct debit, credit card, or any number of alternative methods. Don’t delay, sign up now and select the puppy you wish to sponsor. Make a huge difference to someone’s life in the most enjoyable way possible, sponsoring a puppy brings with it a unique pleasure and enjoyment that you won’t find anywhere else!

Meet the latest puppies to be ready for training…

Judy, Niko and Derek, Guide Dog Puppies
Judy, Niko and Derek, Guide Dog Puppies

Judy, Niko and Derek are at the start of their Guide Dog journey! I know you’d like to play with them and take them home, but they’re at the Guide Dogs national breeding centre ready to undergo their training. Very soon these three puppies will be learning the ropes as guide dogs before being partnered with a partially sighted or blind person to help them navigate the obstacles of everyday life. Please consider adopting one of these beautiful pups to help pay for the training!